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Incontri a salerno vs sorrento

incontri a salerno vs sorrento

the evening, but it has plenty of good food and great people watching. So - reading up on each, seeing what accommodations are available to you, figure out your day trips, etc will help you decide. I know Sorrento is extremely popular - I don't personally care for it as I prefer to stay. Most of the towns along the actual Amalfi Coast (. I don't actually see many posts here from people staying or planning to stay. Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, etc) appear either fully booked/expensive or appear difficult to get.


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Incontri a salerno vs sorrento - Sorrento or Salerno

Any advice of experiences had in either of these two towns would be greatly appreciated! Amalfi, easy to get around on the ferries, or buses. Amalfi or Positano instead of the very (very) busy/jam packed buses. It's much more modest and low- key than. Sorrento is not on the, amalfi Coast ; it is near it, but not on it and it is very different than the AC in terms of landscape/terrain. So I am thinking of staying in either. If in high season, you can also take a ferry from Salerno to the. My wife and I are booking a trip to Paris and Italy for incontri a salerno vs sorrento September and we're battling with one of our destinations to stay. Rome so I can't comment. I have only gone there to take the train. Originally, we had thought about staying in Positano/Amalfi for 3 nights, but a friend of mine just came back from Italy and recommended Sorrento, because it is a good central point to get to Positano/Amalfi, Capri, Pompeii, etc. Positano but everyone has their own preferences. Sorrento vs Positano/Amalfi, hello Fellow Fodors! Salerno so I don't know how much you will find on the Salerno thread. Sorrento, offering a good base to explore, as well as a variety of hotels. Sorrento, with lots of local families out in the evenings, prices are cheaper. Hi everyone, I am travelling to, italy mid July, and will be in the. Amalfi Coast region for 6 days (4 full days).

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